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IN THE BLACK - Financial Literacy and Wealth Group

In The Black is an economic growth and development arm of African American Media LLC created to support the economic and structural growth of the Black Community, Businesses and Individuals. In The Black, from an accountants perspective, is designed to get, and keep, Black people in the black - that is, financially healthy and solvent.
In The Black has an arm for Black Businesses - In The Black - Business Group (ITB-BG); and for everyone else - In The Black - Financial Literarcy and Wealth Group (ITB-FLAWG); each with its unique programs for growth and development. Interested parties are welcomed to join one or both.

In The Black - Financial Literacy and Wealth Group


The Concern and Problem
African Americans / Black People suffer greatly from being financially illiterate not knowing how to use money and wealth to prosper in society. Instead we engage in practices including mismanagement - that drain our money and wealth to the benefits of others. Consequently, we are impoverished where we should be prosperous, and we are taken advantage of where we are financially ignorant. Instead of owning and controlling money, wealth and resources, we are rendered dependant and dominated by others who do control.

The Mission
The Mission of ITB-FLAWG is to provide Financial Literacy and Wealth generating knowledge and strategies to African Americans to support and facilitate a transformation from economic-illiteracy, poor economic practices, domination and impoverishment, to that of, sound knowledge, good economic practices, control and prosperity.

The Mission of ITB-FLAWG is to facilitate through education and practice the growth and development of Financial Literacy and Wealth Development among the Black African American Community.

The Goal
The Goal of ITB-FLAWG is to foster Black-to-Black economic growth and development by way of sound economic principles including Spending-Black, Buying-Black, Investing-Black, Saving-Black, Trading-Black and other practices that enable Black retention of, and an increase in, wealth.

The goal of ITB-FLAWG is to create financial literary, consciousness, awareness and wealth creating strategies and opportunities for its participants.

Increase savings Increase investments Increase ownership Increase intra-racial trading and exchange Increase infrastructure banks, businesses Increase schools, classes, publications, readership

Objectives of ITB-FLAWG including the following Individual Development Programs Family Development Programs Youth Development Programs

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