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IN THE BLACK - Business Group

In The Black is an economic growth and development arm of African American Media LLC created to support the economic and structural growth of the Black Community, Businesses and Individuals. In The Black, from an accountants perspective, is designed to get, and keep, Black people in the black - that is, financially healthy and solvent.
In The Black has an arm for Black Businesses - In The Black - Business Group (ITB-BG); and for everyone else - In The Black - Financial Literarcy and Wealth Group (ITB-FLAWG); each with its unique programs for growth and development. Interested parties are welcomed to join one or both.

Meetings and Order of Business

Monday's 6:00P.M. - 9:00 P.M.
6037 Liberty Road, Suite 6
Baltimore, Maryland 21207

Order of Business:
6:00 6:25 Social Networking
6:30 6:40 Introduction
6:45: - 7:05 Business Inspiration
7:15 8:00 Keynote Business Presentation
8:05 8:35 Business Coaching & Motivation
8:40 9:00 Social Networking

Membership Benefits

Guest Presenters authors, business leaders, business professionals
Video Conferencing
Movie & Documentary

Member Benefits

Member Benefits
Business Leadership Group Support Business Information
Business Advocacy Financial Resources Networking
Professional support Business News Counseling
Business Promotion CoachingSupport

Business Development:
Business Plans Customer/Client Development
Business Insurance Using the Internet
Business Etiquette Gaining New Clients/Customers
Business Marketing Investing Your Profits
Business Accounting Business Banking
Business Advertising Managing Your Business

In The Black - Business Group


The Concern and Problem
African Americans / Black People suffer greatly in and at business due to insufficient business knowledge, capital, access, opportunity, and barriers racial/racism and economic/capitalism. African American / Black Business are disproportionate to its Black population size, income, and to Black-spending. The latter, Black-spending is a significant factor in the failure of Black Business creation, sustainability and growth, for the overwhelming percentage of Black-spending is conducted with non-Black Businesses, which doubly compounds the access to capital as prevented by both combined racism and capitalist roadblocks and assaults. Lacking knowhow, capital and infrastructure the Black Community/Population is deprived of business and wealth that otherwise should be present.

The Mission
The mission of ITB-BG is to create and apply solutions to the forgoing problem(s) knowhow, capital, racism, spending that will enable the creation of, growth, development, and expansion of Black Business(es) beyond such otherwise limitations; to facilitate a structure for business owners, entrepreneurs, business leaders, advocates, educators and allies to meet, share, and work together to support the creation and growth of Black Businesses including an inward turn in Black spending, and neutralizing racism and capitalism as barriers.

Objectives: To facilitate dialog among Black business owners
To foster cooperation and alliances between Black business owners
To support the economic development of Black businesses
To help increase the profit and revenues of Black businesses
To help facilitate and increase in Black consumer spending with Black businesses
To help professional development of Black business owners

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