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In The Black - meaning financially healthy and solvent - is an organization created to support the economic and structural growth of the Black Community - including Businesses and Individuals. In The Black is designed to get, and keep, Black people in the black.
In The Black has an arm for Black Businesses - In The Black - Business Group (ITB-BG);  for family - In The Black - Financial Literacy and Wealth Group (ITB-FLAWG); and for Individuals / Community - In The Black - Conscious Consumer Group (ITB-CCG).  Each with its unique programs for economic growth and development. Interested parties are welcomed to join one or all groups.

ITB - Business Group


Business Success is most often a group effort - including advisors, team members, financial backers, advocates, supporters, advertisers, suppliers, friends, associates, and of course customers. Ensure your business success with knowledge and sound business practices. Get what you need to know and do with participation in the ITB-BG. In each weekly meeting we take another step forward in creating business success.

We cover everything business - startup, sales, marketing, advertising, business plans, financing, business organization, taxation, management, retailing, wholesaling, law, banking, branding, and more. Whether you are a seasoned business person or an entrepreneur ITB-BG has a lot to offer for your Business Success.

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ITB - Financial Literacy and Wealth Group


Don’t be another African American / Black Person without a clue about money and wealth

Where do you want to be financially 1-year from now? If you want to know more and have more ITB-FLAWG is the support group you can use to get you there.

Be Financially Literate and Economically Secure! Through In The Black – Financial Literacy and Wealth Group learn what you need know to become financially literate, and learn what you need to do to become economically secure. ITB-FLAWG weekly meetings are the place to get sound information on wealth building topics of savings, loans, credit, investing, stocks, bonds, insurance, mutual funds, taxation, commodities, and all things financial and economic.

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ITB- Conscious Consumer Group


You, the Black Consumer, are the superhero in the Black Community; your power is in how you spend your money. Every time you chose to spend money within the Black Community you create jobs and businesses for Black people. Your spending determines the health and wellness of the Black Community – including your family, friends, neighbors and associates. Every Black Dollar spent ends in either power or weakness for the Black Community.

Make every dollar you spend one of power. Have every dollar you spend circulate in, and positively impact, the Black Community. With the support of the In The Black – Conscious Consumer Group learn to use your spending power wisely and productively.

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